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Buckaroo Leatherworks toolbelt

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 The time has finally come, Buckaroo has landed in the WorkWear Hub warehouse. We at WorkWear Hub are very excited to welcome Buckaroo tool belts and accessories to our home. In case Covid’s got you quarantining…here’s the who, what and where of Buckaroo Leatherworks.



Buckaroo is a family driven company that started in a backyard workshop in South Africa 50 years ago. Buckaroo then moved to Australia where they got a certain request from two Māori men. Thus, creating their best seller, the Signature Tradesman Back Support Belt. Ever since then, Buckaroo has been above all other brands in making quality leather tool belts with reliable back support. Buckaroo is a second-generation business with one of their core values being family. They have maintained their values proudly and because of that, business has been thriving not only in Australia, but worldwide.



The word “buckaroo” comes from the Spanish word, “vaquero”, which means “a man who deals with cows”. In the late 1820’s early 1830’s, Spain and Mexico had tried to obtain scarce lands that are now known as the American Southwest. English speakers from the United States began to venture out into this Spanish-speaking region too, taking on some Spanish words, and made English versions, like “buckaroo”. But these days when Australians hear “buckaroo”, they don’t think of leather wearing cowboys from the mid-west, they think of the top tool belt brand in the industry. But that wasn’t just by coincidence, Buckaroo have worked long and hard to give Aussies a tool belt superior to their competing brands. It’s not just the support and belts itself that made Buckaroo the brand it is today. They also have different types of attachments and pockets, so that no matter what type of tradie you are, you can customize your belt how you want it. Buckaroo provides durable, comfortable and useful products that any tradie would be proud to use. They have a variety of sizes of attachments for different tools and even phone pouches for small and larger phones. Buckaroo take into consideration everything a tradie would need or want on his or her tool belt.

Buckaroo signature tradesman back support belt


Buckaroo has been in Australia since the eighties and are committed to keep the manufacturing process within Australia. But Buckaroo distributes worldwide with multiple industries and companies choose Buckaroo as their supplier. Buckaroo believes that local suppliers are a more reliable source than internationally, and the construction industry agrees.


It was only a matter of time before the #1 workwear store and #1 toolbelt company created a partnership. What better way to broaden our horizons into work gear than to get into contact with the top brand in that industry. We are pleased to announce the Buckaroo pink brace are sold exclusively at WorkWear Hub. Made from premium woven webbing and has reflective tape, suspenders are designed to fit the whole Buckaroo range of tool belts. If you want to be different to everyone on the worksite, or just like the pink colour, this WorkWear Hub exclusive shoulder brace is perfect for you.

Buckaroo pink shoulder brace




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