Women's Waterproof Work Boots

Proper safety footwear is the most important piece of equipment for anyone looking to protect themselves from workplace injury. Tough toe caps, ankle support and non-slip rubber soles are simple methods of avoiding crush, impact or slip injuries.

WorkwearHub is Australia’s premier spot for trusted local and international women’s safety footwear brands. We carefully select our collection to sport the best workwear on the market and to ensure that each pair we sell lives up to Australia’s tough safety footwear regulations.

Safety is the key consideration for a good pair of work boots. Our women’s safety boots have an extensive range of protections available, from steel toecaps to protect the front of the foot to high grade heat or acid resistance for those working in tough industrial environments.

Aside from the best-in-class protection, any good work boot must be comfortable enough to withstand long hours of standing, walking and lifting. Our women’s safety footwear collection includes boots designed specifically to provide the kind of support needed to keep our customers going all day long.

Our brand offerings provide a choice selection of the best Australian and international women’s safety boots on the market, from comfort focused Blue Steel to Sydney manufactured, zip style Mongrel Boots and tough-as-iron Redback, made to withstand the harshest industrial conditions.

Chosen for protection and comfort our women’s safety footwear collection is sure to satisfy even the toughest workplace requirements, and with a 100 day free refunds policy our customers can rest assured that their quality is guaranteed.

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