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The Latest in Safety Shoes

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The age-old question...Work Joggers or Work Boots? Both products have different kinds of features perfect for any work place. It's no secret work boots have been a top seller for decades, and the jogger only started getting attention 20 years ago. Safety boots are a absolute staple for every tradie, with top brands like F.X.D, Puma and New Balance recently releasing their new range of Safety Joggers, the bar is high for the other work wear brands if they release their own. 

However, this doesn't mean the classic work boot is gone and forgotten. Every brand is one upping all their competitors with new concepts and styles of work boots, so the range of safety shoes has never been bigger. 


Work Joggers

  • Work Joggers is the perfect choice for someone who doesn't like the usual
    camo FXD work jogger wj-1
    work boot look, but still wants to have a safety shoe. 
  • They're lightweight 
  • A lot of different style options with some brands having multiple colour-ways
  • More compact size shoe
  • Easy to store away 
  • Can wear any sock length without rubbing on leg
  • Can be used on the worksite or off, 
  • Cooler to wear in the summer


Work Boots

  • Protection on the shin
    New Balance safety work boot
  • Most companies prefer work boots
  • Wide range of work boots to choose from 
  • Multiple styles with different colour-ways
  • Can have a composite toe cap 
  • Has slip on options 
  • Can have zip for easy access



Whether you like the joggers or boots, both are a fantastic item and a complete essential to workwear. No matter what one you choose, we at WorkwearHub have them all! With the biggest brands like Steel Blue, F.X.D, Puma, Olivers etc. We will have a boot or jogger for anyone. there is no wrong choice choosing between a work boot and work jogger, the only downside is that there is so much to choose from from our #bigassbootwall.

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