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It’s no secret that ladies don’t have as wide a range of boots as men, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any good choices. One of Australia’s leading brands in work boots, Blundstone, have added to their women’s range of boots with the brand-new 883 Safety Jogger, and the 887 Zip Side Safety Boot. Both of these boots are made to last while keeping the foot safe and comfortable. Everyone has preferences with their boot purchases, and the 883 and 887 have enough features for everyone’s taste.



Blundstone’s newest boot, the 887, is a lower cut “hiker” boot with a zip side and black leather exterior. This boot is quite light as it has a broad     fitting 200-joule impact-resistant composite toe cap. It also includes a removable PU foam foot bed with XRD Extreme Impact Protection heel insert for greater shock absorption. All these features in a black leather exterior gives a nice look that would go with any type of work uniform.

This boot would typically be best for construction type work environment, but also the kitchen as it has a rubber outsole with a high coefficient of friction for increased grip, and heat resistance up to 140 degrees Celsius. However, as this boot is suitable for most jobs needing a steel cap, it would be unsuitable for nurses/doctors or most jobs within the health care industry.

Blundstone women's zip side safety boot 


 The 883 women’s jogger shares a lot of similarities with Blundstone’s 795 safety shoe. It’s a lightweight shoe as the whole size of the jogger is the same size as a regular non-safety shoe and also has a broad fitting 200-joule impact-resistant composite toe cap. The 883 also has a breathable nylon upper and is anti-static, with comfort designed specifically for women. This jogger is a perfect boot for people who want a safety boot, but don’t like high cuts, zips, scuff caps or just don’t like the look of the regular safety boots like the 887’s.

The 883’s include elasticated laces for quick fastening, but also come with standard laces to suit everyone’s wants. The tongue of the 883 also include a pocked to tuck the laces in to avoid trip hazards and ergonomically engineered tow spring for reduced wearer fatigue.

 Blundstone women's safety jogger

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