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UVEX's brand new X-Flow range

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If you have dipped your toes into the extreme sport industry, you have probably heard of UVEX. If you have ever worked on site, you have probably heard of UVEX too. UVEX has established itself based on its 2 safety pillars; UVEX sports group and the UVEX safety group. Both of these pillars still have the same mission; to protect people at work and at play. From products like helmets, safety goggles to hard hats and steel cap boots, UVEX goes the extra mile to make sure everyone is safe and protected. With their team of recognised professionals, they are bringing new technology to the safety gear game. This is going to be a game changer to how you protect yourself out in your field. 

UVEX X-Flow Range

UVEX has recently introduced the X-Flow range. This brand new range of workwear boots was awarded the Red Dot Design Award for it's first-class design. The Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest design competitions in the world. This further proves how much effort and time has been put into their products. The X-Flow range consists of 3 styles of work boots. The 3 X-Flow, 3 X-Flow Zip Side and the 2 X-Flow. These safety boots individually contain brand new technology to not only protect tradies, but make them feel comfortable and form healthy foot posture. They've been designed to move as one with the body and integrates innovative technology to try and improve lives of workers. 


UVEX BIONOMX uses biomechanics to create an interaction of footwear between the ground and the body so they can be performed as one system.


This was designed to minimise tradies fatigue. It's a cushioning system that absorbs impact energy during loading and maximises energy return during propulsion. I-PUREnrj will keep you going for longer while using less of your own energy.


This is an innovative climate control system that has been developed to optimise breathability and internal airflow within the footwear to help keep tradies cool. A problem that most Australian tradies face.  

Heat stress, fatigue and a lack of support are the key issues that most Aussie tradies are facing today. All of these issues have been studied when designing this new range. These technologies were created to help the tradie life by keeping them healthy and safe with thought into how they looked. 



UVEX 3 X-FLOW Zip Side Safety Boot

 Along with all of UVEX's products, the new X-Flow range has been designed with protection in mind. This boot contains a leather upper, zip access, UVEX seam free heal cradle and seem free cuff cap that has a composite toe. It's also slip, water and electrical resistant (EH) and has a 300 degree heat resistance in the sole. This is an airport friendly boot and is certified to accommodate the UVEX tune-up 2.0 foot-type specific foot-bed system. The 3 X-Flow zip side safety boot also has a magnetic zip cover for that extra strength. The magnetic tab makes it much easier to use and holds better than Velcro. 

This style of work boot has two colourways; black and tan.

Man in UVEX sitting on bench

           UVEX 3 X-Flow Safety Boot 

Created to protect tradies while keeping them comfortable and looking good on site. The 3 X-Flow provides maximum ankle flexibility without taking away any of its support. This safety boot is also metal free, so no need for the hassle at an airport. The electrical insulating sole makes them suited for tradies who could come in contact with electricity. For tradies who often work with water, these boots will be a perfect fit as they include a water resistant leather upper and is slip resistant sole (SRC). Along with the rest of the X-Flow range, this boot is certified to accommodate the UVEX tune up foot-type specific foot-bed system. These work boots also have a seam free scuff cap and a heel counter for durability. This boot is finished off with an insulative composite safety toecap.

This style of work boot has two colourways; Black and Tan.

graph of X-Flow boot

UVEX 2 X-Flow Safety Boot

What's different about this particular work boot? It’s a smaller boot that optimises movement efficiency and stability. This would be an amazing boot for tradies who work indoors and outdoors. It contains a electrically resistant (EH) sole along with a 300 degree heat resistant outsole and a water-resistant leather upper. Matching the 3 X-Flow Zip Side Safety Boot, this boot also has a zip side for a quick exit when required. Along with the rest of the new X-Flow range, UVEX's multiple-fit system offers multiple widths with the same length in core sizes.

 UVEX 2 X-Flow boot

As well as all these amazing features and new aged technologies, UVEX also offers a 30 day comfort guarantee on all their footwear. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the feel and comfort of the boot, UVEX will offer you the option to receive a refund or simply exchange your safety boots for another pair. With all guarantees there are T&C’s involved but to ensure you can take up UVEX on this offer, you must have a receipt or proof of purchase when returning. 

We are proud to stock UVEX's new range of work boots alongside their range of safety products. Order from the new X-Flow range from WorkwearHub’s online store before 3pm and get same day shipping. All order over $99 will receive FREE shipping. Along with UVEX's amazing designs and innovative technology, there's no reason these new work boots won't be a great fit for you or any tradie.

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