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20 popular women's workwear brands in 2024

It’s no secret that everything you do makes some kind of statement — from the way you work to the way you dress. And it’s as true on a work site as it is in an office.

Even if workwear doesn’t have the same cachet as office attire, it doesn’t mean you can’t stand out and impress your peers with your approach to style AND safety.

 The good news is what we considered workwear a decade ago has improved over the past 5 years. Evolving into a combination of smart design and modern styling to fit industrial environments (and to look great going to and from work).

 Because who says comfort and productivity can’t look cool at the same time?

 So, whether you want to do a workwear overhaul or simply need to update your on-site style a little, here are our most popular women’s hardworking workwear brands in 2024 to help build your career.



One of the quickest ways to rock a professional look is to make sure you are wearing some of the best work tops.

 The bottom line: You must strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Here are our top 10 most preferred tops to suit your style and comfort.


1. Ladies Sprint Biz Cool Polo in Black by Biz Collection

 Biz Collection is a manufacturer of calibre uniforms and team wear. A product from their brand that working women absolutely love is the Biz Collection Ladies Sprint Biz Cool Polo.

 We’re not talking about an ordinary polo here. This polo has a matching knitted collar with a durable flat lock raglan armhole, popular in sports uniforms. It also offers great ease of movement and a more flattering look than your regular sleeve.


Women wearing biz collection shirt



2. Ladies Closed Front Shirt LS in French Navy by Pilbara

 Pilbara is a newly established label quickly loved by many consumers. Developed by Ritemate Australia, they strike the market strongly at a glance.

 Pilbara Ladies Closed Front Shirt LS is particularly a hit in their clothing line. Specially designed for comfort, these tops essential is ideal for a simple yet sophisticated look. It’s available in multiple colours but consumers are specifically drawn to the French navy version. It has a class meets sass spin with a hint of homey feeling.

Women wearing Pilbara shirt


3. Ladies Sprint Biz Cool Polo in Navy by Biz Collection

 We surely can’t get enough from Biz so here is another top item from their collection. Navy is quite a versatile colour, pairing well with different shades and tints so you’ll still look polished in greens, yellows and even purples. This hue evokes feelings of authority and power so you can easily radiate empowered energy from the inside out. 

Women wearing Biz Collection shirt


4. Ladies Closed Front Shirt LS in Stone by Pilbara

 We all have those days when we just want to appear in a subtle shade of greyish beige neutrals that give off a vibe of sophistication and elegance. Well, here is a perfect choice for you from the Pilbara brand. This top has an adaptable hue that gives off a luxurious feel when combined with black. You should definitely grab this one!

Women wearing Pilbara shirt

5. Ladies Closed Front Shirt LS in Pink by Pilbara

 What’s a wardrobe without a pink item, right? Celebrate your femininity with this pink top and automatically have heads turning in you at a snap.

Women wearing Pilbara shirt

6. 3M Taped Hi Vis Cool Lightweight LS Shirt in Pink/Navy by Bisley

 If you are looking for durable and stylish workwear to keep you always on the go yet still chic and fashion-forward, you should check out this item from Bisley Workwear. This high visibility jacket comes in pink and navy, popping colours and improving your safety minus the usual discomfort of tight or baggy reflective gear.

 Women wearing Bisley Shirt

7. Women’s L’S taped Hi Vis V-Neck Polo in Orange/Navy by Bisley

 You’d instantly know its premium quality if it’s from Bisley. This high visibility V-neck polo features Bisley signature perforated heat applied reflective tape in hoop pattern for day and night visibility and front panelling and curved hemline with a longer back for a better fit. Truly a definition of functionality without compromising aesthetics.

Women wearing hi vis Bisley shirt


8. Ladies Hi Vis Lightweight LS Shirt in Orange/ Navy by Ritemate

 Ritemate Workwear delivers one of the best value for your money when it comes to high-quality workwear. They pinned their eyes on style, fit and fabric performance, making them a popular choice in workwear for 30 years now.

 A frontrunner in their clothing line is the Ritemate Ladies Hi Vis Lightweight LS Shirt. This hi vis boasts superior garment assembly, twin needle stitching and bar tacks for extra strength.

 Woman wearing Ritemate shirt

9. Women’s Taped Two Tone Hi Vis Soft Shell Jacket in Orange/Navy by Bisley

 Bisley knows the workwear industry like no other, so they tailor waterproof fabrics and showerproof garments to cater for even the hardest working women’s needs. And did we mention already this jacket has eyelet ventilation underarms for more breathability? It’s a total must-have!

 Woman wearing Bisley jacket


 10. Women’s Taped Hi Vis Fleece Hoodie in Orange by Bisley

 If you think you already have all the workwear essentials in your closet, then think again. You might be missing a high-visibility hoodie. This hoodie is everything, featuring a shaped hood with contrast internal lining and toggle adjusters for fit. Grab this from our shop quickly! 

Woman wearing Bisley Hoodie


When you are moving constantly at work for over prolonged periods, you know that a good bottom makes all the difference. Here’s a quick look at our most preferred bottoms this year.


1. Women’s Mid Rise Stretch Cotton Pants in Black by Bisley

 Black means you don’t have to worry about what colour to match with it for your tops. These cotton pants from Bisley are a favourite from our shop. This versatile bottom delivers a sleek, modernist look with extra comfort and movement while maintaining style.

 Bisley black pants

2. Women's Taped Cotton Cargo Cuffed Pants in Navy by Bisley

 These cargo cuffed pants scream durability, functionality, and safety. With reflective tape in a biomotional pattern, it improves visibility when working in poor light conditions.

 Womens taped navy pants

3. Women’s Flex and Move Jeggings in Black by Bisley

 If you want something more comfortable and flattering, these jeggings from Bisley are a top contender for your preference. It has the style of real pants but the skin-like feel of leggings. You’d totally want to wear this every day at work!

Womens Bisley black pants


4. Women’s Mid Rise Stretch Cotton Pants in Navy by Bisley

 Navy is a staple hue that matches every colour. So, when it comes to bottoms, you can easily incorporate navy pants into both light and dark tops. Pick this stretch mid-rise fit navy pants from Bisley.  It features curved waistbands, ideal for everyday wear and ease of movement.

 Womens Bisley navy pants

5. Women’s Stretch Cotton Shorts in Black by Bisley

 If you find yourself dreaming of a second pair of hands, then these are the shorts for you. Featuring 6 pockets on the side, front and back, you will never run out of room for your work essentials.

 Bisley black shorts

6. WP-4W Ladies Stretch Cuffed Work Pants in Navy by FXD

 One of this label’s products that have taken the workwear scene by storm is the WP-4W Ladies Stretch Cuffed Work Pants. It has multiple trade utility pockets, perfect for stashing important work tools and items. These pants also feature a slimmer fit to combine fashion and comfort into a single garment.

 FXD womens navy pants

7. Women's Taped Work Stretch Leggings by Caterpillar

 Redefining workwear design for the hardest working women in the game at Caterpillar.  Say for instance their Women's Taped Work Stretch Leggings. In one look, you’d know it has unparalleled quality, built on comfort and durability.

 Caterpillar womens navy pants

8. WP-4W Ladies Stretch Cuffed Work Pants in Black by FXD

 Another popular item from Bisley is this work pants item in black variant. Trade and performance tested, these women’s fit bottoms are a game-changer for all our hard-working women tradies. Now you no longer must buy men’s pants for work!

FXD Ladies black pants

9. Women’s Flex and Move Jeggings in Denim by Bisley

 Denim colours have a classic, rugged, and cool feel to them. Using only the finest fabrics, Bisley has been making a buzz since launching these denim jeggings. These are celebrated by women everywhere for their marriage of durability and supportive comfort while on the job.

 Bisley Womens Pants

10. WP-4W Ladies Stretch Cuffed Work Pants in Khaki by FXD

 When it comes to workwear styling, contrast is key. So, if you tend to opt for lighter tops, dark-hued bottoms will make a perfect match and these khaki work pants from the label FXD are the perfect wear-with-anything pant.

 FXD Ladies pants

Grounding your workwear wardrobe with the basics means saving yourself from the dilemma of being in a blind panic, running late for work yet having nothing ready to wear.

 That’s why, at Workwearhub, we’re dedicated to delivering the most advanced and stylish workwear in Australia.

 Browse our most popular women’s workwear by clicking here. 

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