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RotoFlex by Blundstone

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The biggest, most exciting release from the iconic Tasmanian Brand Blundstone in years - REVOLUTIONARY

Since 1870, yes for 152 years! – Blundstone has made the toughest, most durable and comfortable footwear for work, ride and leisure. Established in Hobart, Tasmania the company has become one of the world's most recognisable footwear brands. The dedication to innovation in design and production is second to none and the team in Tassie now overseas Blundstone’s global supply chain brings together the best ideas, components, and techniques to create the unique product range, from the well-established elastic-sided boots to highly technical safety footwear and the women's heeled boot.

Introducing the Blundstone RotoFlex range, the biomechanics system is the core to the design of each boot and can be broken down into four key elements: GripTek HD, Fortalite, AirCell and SoftCell.

GripTek HD is Blundstone’s all-new sole design, it is designed with the “sole” purpose to provide all-day stability and comfort. The boot sole is lightweight with a unique pattern, durable and designed to make the RotoFlex boot perfect for any surface. Through the unique polyurethane PU tread patterns and super-cushioned midsole, with zoned support, RotoFlex main purpose is to provide comfort for the entire day.

By reducing significant pressure on feet, legs, joints, and lower back, an outstanding improvement in comfort is given and hard long working days made that much easier. RotoFlex is an amazing addition to the Australian safety footwear market. Tradespeople, construction workers, miners, logistics staff such as warehouse and transport workers, as well as any other wearer will no doubt benefit of this range.  

RotoFlex Safety Boots from Blundstone

The toecap “Fortalite” provides safety through compression-proof technology by using a patented Polymer composite material that holds strong under immense pressure. It retains its shape without restricting toe movement for all-day comfort.

For air flow and full-body comfort on every step, the RotoFlex has the AirCell footbed integrated. The AirCell footbed is constructed to activate ventilation, moisture control and cushioning comfort while pressure is applied, i.e., walking, standing etc. The material pumps air flow, is soft and breathable, providing better air circulation and cushioning.

SoftCell - Blundstone’s fit system creates extra room to move within a stable foothold. This is achieved through understanding of the connection between a moving foot and the inside of a boot, providing a form-fitting and comfortable boot with space to move.

RotoFlex Safety boot technology from Blundstone

The RotoFlex range brings six safety boots into the Australian PPE market and is suitable for workers across a range of industries, to not say all of the industries. The range includes four unisex styles; the 6″ #8560 and #8561, the 5″ #8553 and #8550-, and two-women’s boot styles: the #8863 and #8860.

The integrated technology rebounds 55% of the energy with each step, it is lighter than conventional materials, and therefore slows down fatigue. RotoFlex provides optimal and continuous cushioning with excellent shock absorption.

We here at are more than excited to introduce the range in late August, early September 2022 and support our customers with any questions and queries.

Watch this space, the biggest, most exciting release from the iconic Tasmanian Brand Blundstone in years. We truly believe that this range is revolutionary and can’t wait to see it on your feet.

Blundstone RotoFlex Range




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