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Our most comfortable women's work boots

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If you are reading this you are most likely looking for some help finding out what the most comfortable women's work boots are.  Whether it be a new job or a current one, the boots listed below are all designed specifically with women in mind. There is an option for everyone and regardless of what you do for work you will still want them to be comfortable. Keep reading to find out what the most comfortable women's work boots are and why.


Steel Blue Ladies Hobart Elastic Sided Boot 

Steel Blue first began in 1995 in Western Australia. Ever since then they have been creating durable and comfortable work boots suitable for all types of tradespeople. The Steel Blue ladies Hobart elastic sided boot is no exception. These boots include Steel Blues patented Trisole® comfort technology! This is a multilayer sole that is more effective in cushioning and shock absorption than a normal footbed. Not only are they comfortable, they are also convenient! How is a work boot convenient? They are elastic sided! This makes them so much easier to pull on and off (especially after a hard day at work). To top it off, all Steel Blue boots are made from high quality leather, sourced from environmentally responsible tanneries.

Steel Blue Ladies Hobart Elastic Sided Boot - Black


Blundstone 897 Zip Side Safety Boot

Blundstones are one of the most popular workwear boots in Australia due to their durability, style and comfort. The style 897 is a perfect example of this. Not only are they are designed and manufactured specifically for women, they are also built for hard work with a tough outsole that can withstand temperatures up to at least 300°C. The breathable and anti-bacterial lining will keep you comfortable all day while the nifty side zip makes it super easy to get them on and off! These boots are perfect for anyone who has long days at work.

Blundstone Style 897 Zip Side Safety Boot - Black


Hard yakka 3056 Womens Zip Side Safety Boot

Everything iconic came out in the 90’s including Hard Yakka’s range of safety and non-safety footwear. Their footwear was created to match its workwear and has been kicking goals ever since! Hard Yakka's best-selling boot is the 3056 and now with a women's specific fit, all our tradie ladies are covered. The 3056 Women's boot is packed with features including a wide profile steel toe to provide extra safety and comfort and a water resistant full grain leather upper to help repel water and keep your feet dry. Hello happy feet!

Hard Yakka Womens 3056 Zip Side Safety Boot - Black


It can be hard finding a comfortable pair of boots. That is why all the boots mentioned above will provide you with a 30 day comfort guarantee giving you that extra assurance needed to purchase a new pair of work boots.


P.s don’t forget a comfortable pair of socks to compliment your comfortable work boots! Here are some suggestions to get you started!


Blundstone Bamboo Work Socks bamblk - BlackSteel Blue Bamboo Socks - BlackHard Yakka Womens Bamboo Socks 3 Pack - Pink/Marle


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