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Our guide to Winter workwear

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Our guide to Winter Workwear

With the colder months well and truly upon us it’s time to get your winter workwear sorted! Our guide to winter workwear will include recommendations for the best winter jackets, fleece, boots, pants and accessories. The best way to face the colder days is to be well equipped with clothing that keeps you warm but is also breathable and comfortable to wear all day.

Please see below our top picks for jackets, fleece, boots, pants and accessories: 

    1. Top Jacket Pick -  Caterpillar Sequoia Shirt Jacket - Blue/Black
    2. Favourite Fleece - FXD WF-1 Work Fleece Hoodie - Yellow
    3. Highly Rated Boots - Puma Conquest Waterproof Safety Boot Exclusive to WorkwearHub - Stone
    4. Comfortable Pants - FXD WP-4 Stretch Cuffed Work Pants - Black
    5. Best Priced Gloves - Unit Mens Flex Guard Gloves - Black


Winter Jackets 

Keeping warm out on site is essential when the temperatures drop to cold extremes. We recommend choosing fabrics that are breathable to prevent overheating. Another thing to consider when looking for a winter jacket is to pick a jacket that is waterproof and wind resistant. We suggest buying jackets that have a waterproof rating above 7,500 H20. Tradie’s also love pockets, so finding a jacket with ample pockets is ideal. Please see below our top jacket recommendations:


When looking for a fleece jumper we recommend picking items that are 3 layered for extra comfort and warmth. The same rules apply as with jackets, look for breathability, wind and water resistant, and lots of pockets! Here are two of our favourites this winter:


When it comes to picking the right boot it should meet the standards of durability, comfort and water resistance. Did you know that keeping your feet warm during cold weather can also keep your overall health in check? Having warmer feet opens up the blood vessels in them to allow more efficient blood flow to other areas of your body. We recommend looking for boots that feature insulation and waterproofing. Picking boots with leather uppers will help to keep your feet dry as well. Although Workwearhub stocks a huge range of boots, below are our top 2 waterproof boots:


At Workwearhub we have a huge range of winter pants that are designed with comfort and durability in mind. When choosing pants you should consider the following features pockets, cuff or no cuff, elasticated waistline, knee pad options, quick drying fabrics and sweat and moisture resistance. We also recommend choosing pants that have a cuff on the bottom as this may help keep warmth in. See our top pants picks below: 



In Winter it’s important to consider adding gloves, warm socks, and beanies to your wardrobe. Gloves will help to provide long lasting warmth, along with hand protection. Beanies are a great addition to the workwear wardrobe, not only do they look good but they also help to retain heat and keep you warm all day. We recommend choosing a high quality thin material so you can wear hard hats or helmets on top of it. Bamboo socks are a great option to stay warm, they are also extremely comfortable to wear. See our top winter accessories below:



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