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Our Guide to the Best Safety Glasses

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Our Guide to helping you find the right safety glasses! 

 Trying to find the right safety glasses can be a difficult task. Whether you are on site or DIY-ing at home, keeping your eyes safe is essential. There are so many options it can feel overwhelming, and different regions in the world have different standards too. When shopping for safety glasses there are a few key things that you need to consider. These are safety standards, durability, polarized lenses, UV protection and scratch resistant. 

We recommend always picking safety glasses that meet Australian standards.

Safety glasses can vary quite dramatically in features and specs. We’re going to cover how to assess durability, polarisation, UV protection and scratch resistance

These are the key elements that we’ve looked for when selecting our top picks for glasses, featured below. 

    1. Top pick - Uvex - Pheos CX2 Safety Glasses
    2. Runner up - Uvex - I Worx Safety Glasses Grey
    3. Highly rated -  Bolle - Rush Plus Safety Glasses
    4. Comfort pick  - Bolle- Voodoo Smoke Lens 
    5. Best price - Mack B Double Safety Glasses



When it comes to safety glasses, durability is probably the most important element to take into consideration. We recommend choosing safety glasses that are made from Polycarbonate with a strong quality frame, providing robust protection that is sure to last. Polycarbonate is a thin and light plastic that blocks 100% of UV rays, offering the most useful way of protecting your eyes from long term sun damage. Always ensure that your safety glasses are of Australian standards before buying them. 

Polarized lenses 

Additionally another element to consider when purchasing safety glasses is to make sure that your safety glasses are polarized. This is because polarized lenses stop the light glare from hitting you in the eyes. Whether you are working on site or at home polarized glasses are essential for good eye health. Polarized glasses are not only useful for blocking out the sun's harmful rays it is also good for those working in conditions where there is a reflective surface (snows, buildings, water). Therefore ensuring your glasses are polarized will help you tremendously. 

UV protection 

In Australia having good quality UV protection is essential as the temps can get very hot! We don’t just mean sunscreen or a hat, your eyes also require UV protection as well. Safety glasses that protect your eyes from the sun are a must. Research has found that harsh UV rays can cause long term damage like cataracts to your eyes, this generally develops over time and can lead to blindness if not treated. Therefore it’s essential to protect your eyes! 

Scratch resistant 

While it may be a little more expensive to invest in a good quality scratch proof pair of safety glasses, it will pay dividends down the line. Always check the specs of your safety glasses to ensure they note this. We’re all guilty of throwing our glasses around and leaving them scratched - especially if you are working in dirty environments - so make sure your glasses have the resistance built into their design to last the distance.


Our top 5 safety glasses 

1.Uvex - Pheos CX2 Safety Glasses

The Uvex Pheos CX2 safety glasses are one of the best selling glasses at WorkwearHub for a number of reasons. Not only are they well priced, highly fog and scratch resistant, they are also comfortable and extremely stylish. The glasses are also rated to Australian Safety Standards.


  1. Uvex - I Worx Safety Glasses Grey

Another popular style at Workwearhub is the Uvex I Work safety glasses in Grey. They are a popular sports-style look and very robust. The lens is highly scratch-resistant and rated to Australian Safety Standards and comes in clear and grey.


  1.  Bolle - Rush Plus Safety Glasses

 This is Bolle's biggest seller. The well-priced spec is super stylish and comfortable with features like built-in brow protection. They meet Australian Safety standards and the lens comes in clear and smoke.


  1. Bolle - Voodoo Smoke Lens

One of Bolle's most popular polarised safety glasses. They are really stylish, super comfy, and comply with Australian standards.


  1.  Mack B Double Safety Glasses

This well-priced polarised safety spec is hugely popular. The classic style has been a mainstay with Mack and comes with an anti scratch and anti fog smoke lens.




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