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Anthem workwear is a fresh new brand that is innovative, original and has a particular mindset regarding the “life of a tradie”. What makes anthem different to other workwear companies is their designs and what their brand represents. They have made their workwear with a stylish and streetwear-like designs, and want to help tradies both mentally and physically.

Anthem workwear shorts khaki

What started just a year ago in 2020, Anthem is already making headlines with their “Anthem Sessions”. These sessions will be a chance for tradies to put the tools away, and focus on their physical wellbeing. These classes are created to encourage, motivate and help give tradies the tools to better look after yourself.

Anthem workwear shorts khaki

Not only physical, but Anthem wants to focus on tradies mental health as well. As mental health is getting more and more relevant to the “everyday tradie”. What was almost taboo to talk about, now companies such as Anthem are making it well known to everybody that mental health is just as, if not more important than physical health.

While Anthem is making sure tradies are looking good, while feeling great, they also are 100% Australian owned. Therefore, they are more in touch with the community than most, and they know and understand the tradie life.


Anthem is a great example of showing Australia that there is a cultural shift happening. People are becoming more aware of problems both mentally and physically. Which is forcing the tradie community to come together and help each other out, and that is exactly what Anthem is wanting to achieve.


Anthem’s workwear is a fresh take on the “workwear style”. It has a very breathable, lightweight design that any tradie would love to wear. They have a range of stylish socks, belts, hats, shirts, shorts and pants. All with the anthem logo, and have a unique style that anyone could wear at either the gym, or even as an everyday outfit. The versatility of Anthem workwear is one of their strongpoints, and tradies are loving it. 
Anthem Workwear have also just introduced a range of womens workwear to their line. Now not only are the male tradies loving Anthem Workwear, the women are loving it too!
Here are some of the new womens workwear you can find from Anthem -
Move with style and comfort in the Womens Triumph Pant! The high-waisted, slim-straight fit pant is designed with moisture-wicking fabric, plus a stretchy active elastic waist, drawcords, and belt loops for on-the-go versatility. Super comfortable pants to get you through your work day.
For when the weather is too hot for you to wear your fave Triumph pants you can swap over to the Triumph shorts! Be the queen of comfort & confidence in these babies! High-waisted & lightweight, they let you move around with limitless freedom. Made of 90% Nylon 10% Spandex, they wick away moisture & have reflective logos for added visibility - what more could you ask for?
We also can't forget to mention the exclusive Anthem Workwear tradie packs we have available. Get your fave pants, shorts and even tops in a ready made pack with all your essential Anthem Workwear needs.

We at WorkwearHub are excited to have Anthem join us, as we respect and admire their mission, and the message they are trying to spread across all of Australia!

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