5 types of Personal Protective Equiptment (PPE) for the every day tradie

We all know that PPE is very important, and always keep workers protected when in dangerous environments. But if you're new to the workforce, or just didn't need PPE in past jobs, you may not know what PPE even is. PPE means Personal Protective Equipment, and it's anything a worker uses or wears to keep them healthy and safe. We at WorkwearHub take safety very seriously and have a wide range of safety gear for almost any work environment.

When it comes to PPE, there are many different types specifically for certain workplaces. PPE can include hard hats, earplugs, gloves, goggles, respirators, sunscreen, safety harnesses, safety boots and high-visibility clothing. But certain ones are more common than others, like the steel cap boots, hard hats, hi-vis clothing, safety glasses and safety harnesses. 

Safety Boots

In the world of safety boots, there are almost too many brands and styles to count. But we are proud at WorkwearHub to have some of the best, and We at WorkwearHub take safety very seriously and have a wide range of safety gear for almost any work environment. than any other company. Safety boots are one of the most common types of PPE, as almost any type of workplace will require you to be wearing steel cap boots. There are styles with different colours, sizes and features. Brands like FXD, Steel Blue, Oliver's, Rossi and so many more have made a big impact to the safety boot industry. 

Caterpillar boots lifestyle

Hard Hats

Just like safety boots, hard hats are another necessity for some workplaces, especially construction work sites. Hard hats are mandatory for most areas within a constructions site, and even some other workplaces, such as warehouses, or factories. Hard hats are one of the most common types of PPE, even with though it is a very simple product, it is a big safety hazard when not wearing one. 

On Site safety hard hat

Hi-Vis Clothing

Hi visibility clothing is a well known product to everyone because not only construction workplaces need them. Any workplaces that needs the workers to be visible day or night. As well as being the number 1 common PPE, it also comes in a lot of different looks, and we at WorkwearHub sell pretty much all of them! From vests to double taped pants, hi-vis clothing is an essential for any tradie.

Guy in hi vis jacket leaning on fence


Most people don't think about gloves as PPE as they can be used for almost any reason, weather it be for fashion reasons or to have better grip for riding a motorbike. But a lot of workplaces have need for gloves as a PPE for many different reasons. Hospitality, factories, warehouses and construction sites just to name a few workplaces. 

Pro Choice safety gloves

Safety Glasses

Some people don't think about safety glasses as a staple PPE. But for some, they think of safety glasses as number one priority before anything else. Safety glasses started as normal-looking goggles, but as the times and generations move on, the style of safety glasses moved along as well. They started getting a bit more 'stylish', with different designs and colours, and some adding polarised and bifocal lenses to tend to the tradies that need it. 

 Bolle' safety glasses

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