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Are Redback Boots any good?

No matter what type of work you do, finding a good pair of work boots is essential! You don’t want to be stuck out of pocket with a pair of work boots that make your feet hurt. You are probably searching high and low for a great work boot. This is where we welcome Redback Boots to centre stage and answer the question; Are Redback Boots any good?

Redback looks at the wearer of the boot, the job they do and where they work to create a boot that is comfortable and safe. Not only will you feel your best in Redback Boots, they are also Australian made! Redback have been creating boots since 1925 so you can be sure they know how to make a great work boot.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of are Redback Boots any good? The below 8 reasons will help point out why Redback Boots are worth purchasing -

Redback Work Boots

  1. Australian Made

Every Redback boot is 100% hand stitched in Sydney, Australia. This has been the tradition for over 90 years.

  1. Unique heel reinforcement

The three layer design provides longer lasting lateral stability and heel shape with no rough edges

  1. Footbed insulation

The footbed has thermal comfort and moulds better to the foot shape

  1. Tougher leather

Redback uses premium quality Full Grain Leather sourced from Australia and New Zealand that is 30% thicker than other boot leathers. Redback boots are more resistant to hardening and cracking of the leather and hold their shape longer

  1. Anatomic support

Unlike other traditional boots, Redback has a unique anatomic sole that supports the foot to reduce arch sagging and prevent foot strain and fatigue.

  1. Foot smart design

The design Redback uses encourages flexing out of the forefoot and provides stability in the heel for maximum support and control.

  1. Support system

Redback boots have a two-component Urethan Air-Cushion mid-sole that contains millions of tiny air bubbles to enhance shock absorption and energy return

  1. Sole
The cross-linked, compression moulded translucent polyurethane sole has great flexibility in cold temperatures and is oil, acid and slip resistant. It has 2 times the abrasion resistance of many rubber soles.
 Redback Work Boot

Redback have a large range of work boots available at Workwearhub that are perfect for all types of work. If you are someone who prefers an elastic sided boot there is the Bobcat Elastic Sided Safety Boot or if you need something with laces and a sturdy zip it would be worth checking out the Cobar Zip Side Scuff Cap Safety Boot. All Redback boots come with a manufacturing warranty to give you that piece of mind if you are purchasing Redbacks for the first time.

In the last few paragraphs we have established how good the Redback boots actually are and listed all the reasons why this might be just the perfect fit for you:

In Summary:

Redback boots are Australian Made and have a proven time after time how comfortable, tough and durable they are. Redback Boots values the tradition and the origin they came from. And even today, close to 100 years since its introduction, every single boot is hand stitched in the beautiful city of Sydney in New South Wales.

Sydney Harbour

It is safe to say that Redback contributed to the building of this beautiful country of ours, and we can only assume of how much work across every single trade imaginable; from heavy industries in the mines, to builders, construction workers, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, roofers, tilers, painters, truck and train drivers, pilots have accomplished their work in their trusted Redback boots, also very popular within the gastronomy & health care workers as well as many more industries.

So where do you buy this proud Australian product witch such a rich history and heritage that contributed to so much of Australia?

In order to become a Redback partner, you have to go through a rigorous process. Only retailers who align with the Redback values - put their customers first and share Redback boots mission to make work boots the most comfortable, durable and long lasting as possible.

Basically, partners who make sure the customer has been looked after.

Let us go further to understand what we mean by putting the customer first. Foremost this means to have your back. We have been through a thorough training with Redback and have an incredible amount of experience when it comes to work and safety boots and workwear in general. But most importantly this means that we listen.

We listen to you, not only to understand where and in what environment you will use your Redback boots, but also understanding your very unique situation, as not two customers are built the same. Only retailers who fully understand the customer and have a well-established product experience are in a position to give the best advise possible.

We, here at WorkwearHub go one step further and we wear the products we are selling. We have dedicated training sessions with Redback Boots to understand each and every so small detail to advise you best. We believe in what we stand for and that is to put the customer first.

Not only do we do this by listening and offering the best workboots for your needs, but also by our comfort guarantee as well as our after service. Should there be any issues, our Customer Service team, lead by our beautiful Liz is always there for you.

            Inside Workwearhub Retail Store

Our customers report the most uncomplicated experience with us and rate us with a 4.9 score out of 5 on Google reviews. Should you not be happy for whatever reason, only with us you get an instant refund and don’t have to wait until the product has been shipped back and processed first. We have a multitude of communication tools that allows us to listen to you, no matter what works best – In person at our store – we do have the biggest boot wall in Australia. Via phone with Liz or some of her amazing customer service representatives, live chat or email. On our side, we communicate to you with all of the above as well as per text message or App notification. Our goal is to make the experience of buying your redback boots as easy as possible and let you focus on what you do best.

Speaking of heritage and the Redback Boots origin in Sydney Australia, we are proud to have our roots and headquarters in Burleigh Heads at the border between QLD and NSW in Australia. We are a fully Australian owned and managed business.

Gold Coast Workwear Company located in Burleigh Heads

When it comes to stocking Redbacks, WorkwearHub have all your needs covered.

We carry 8 different types of Redback boots from Elastic as well as Zip sided work boots to your Alpine Lace up Safety Boot.

All our Redback Boots will be delivered to you free of shipping charge and if you order them before 3 PM, we will ship them the same day. Should you not be happy for whatever reasons, you can get an instant refund through our partners at Refundid – another amazing Australian company that puts the customers first.

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