Are there any workwear brands that are still Australian-made?

From steel cap safety boots, to hi-visibility clothing, workwear is an absolute Aussie staple. Weather you actually need it for work, or you just need some pants to do some house work. Workwear is an important product to Australia’s economy, and there are a few companies that are still fully Australian owned and operated.

Man smiling in Bisley hi-vis work shirt

Brands such as Jetpilot workwear, Ritemate and Unit workwear employ many locals for designing, warehouses and supplying workwear to many trades across the country. While some brands are 100% Australian operated, there are some brands that have their manufacturing in countries like China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

Man leaning on pole in Unit shirt

King Gee and Hard Yakka have capitalised on being Australia owned by creating a ‘Australian Made Range’. Both of these ranges are a limited edition that has been designed, cut and sewn in Melbourne. They work with local manufacturers and are proud to support businesses that employ Australian families. But brands like Bisley and F.X.D have been gaining traction internationally as workwear is becoming more of a staple product in other countries as well as Australia.

FXD wb-1 work boot on pile of dirt

It's no secret that a majority of products have been made internationally, and it’s the same for workwear. With jobs opening up in different trades all around the world, brands are creating more and more workwear for tradies in any industry. We at WorkwearHub sell al types of workwear, some Australian made, and some internationally made. No matter where it's made, the same amount of care was put into each product, and the same amount of quality. 



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