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Are Steel Blue boots Australian made?

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Steel Blue is an Australian-owned brand that has been protecting tradies feet, while keeping them comfortable since 1995. Their origin begins at Western Australia, and they have been putting the same amount of work, dedication and care into each and every boot sold. Products from the Argyle, Southern Cross and Hobart elastics range have kept tradies feet comfortable and safe since the 90's. Tradies are Steel Blue customers for their whole working life as Steel Blue keeps to tradition with the look, comfort, features and pricing. 

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Steel Blue is now one of the biggest Aussie-owned workwear brands, and doesn't show any sign of slowing down anytime soon. With more and more tradies joining the workforce and safety boots becoming more of a necessity, it was only a matter of time before Steel Blue started outsourcing internationally to keep up. Along with other brands using manufacturers in foreign countries like China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. The Western Australia-born Steel Blue now follows the 'norm' and uses manufacturers in Indonesia with a small selection still being produced on their Steel Blue home soil down under.

There isn't a difference in quality when using international manufacturers or local. Each has their own pro's and con's, but still gets the same job done. One main reason international manufacturers are widely used is the capacity they offer. The number of jobs opening up here in Australia, means more tradies are coming on to job sites with the need for more workwear. And they need their gear quick! Steel Blue is now able to capitalise on the high demand of work boots because of their international manufacturers.

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If you have an Aussie made pair of shoes or a pair made by our Indo mates, this Australian owned business is still keeping tradies feet comfortable and supported for almost 30 years now. With different styles, colours and features, WorkwearHub has the Steel Blue range. Both online and in-store, we are proud to sell Steel Blue and plan to keep doing it for years to come!

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