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Ladies!!! Boost Your Workwear Game with Zadie Workwear

Ladies are you tired of workwear not fitting? Do you wish you could find stylish, comfortable, and durable workwear that not only fits but also makes you look good on the job? Look no further than Zadie Workwear, the women's workwear brand that's taking the workwear industry by storm!

Zadie Workwear now available at WorkwearHub

Let us give you a guided tour of the new Zadie Workwear brand and let you in on all the little secrets that makes Zadie Workwear different from the rest.... 

How Zadie Workwear came to be: 

Zadie workwear's creator  Aimee Stanton, is a ten-year plumbing veteran who knows the struggle of endless wedgies, plumbers' cracks, love handles, baggy crotches, tight thighs, and being forced into ill-fitting men's clothes. Aimee had enough, and so have countless other hardworking women like you, which is where the idea for Zadie workwear started. Aimee's journey into the world of plumbing taught her more than just fixing pipes; it taught her the importance of comfortable and functional workwear. After conducting extensive research, Aimee discovered a shocking truth: only 7% of women in construction were satisfied with the comfort and fit of their current work attire. It didn't come as a surprise, given the lack of options designed specifically for women in these physically demanding professions.

Founder of Zadie Workwear

But Aimee didn't stop at just recognising the problem; she decided to be the solution. That's how Zadie Workwear was born. A brand built by tradeswomen, for tradeswomen, with a singular mission: to ensure that every woman, whether she's on a job site or in her own backyard, feels comfortable and confident in her work gear.
Style Meets Functionality
Zadie Workwear understands that women have different needs to men when it comes to their work gear - each Zadie product was created with women in mind. Zadie pants, shorts and overalls are designed to fit you hips, but and thighs and ensure women feel confident and comfortable in their work clothes. With Zadie's innovative Duo-Comfort waist and contoured flattering fits you can finally bid farewell to the days of wearing boring, ill-fitting work pants. Zadie Workwear gear has different fits including high and mid rise pants and shorts that are crafted to give you choice as well as you ensuring your pants fit and you are comfortable, no matter the job.

Zadie Workwear Duo-comfort waist

Durability That Lasts
When investing in workwear, you want products that stand the test of time. Zadie Workwear prides itself on creating durable women's work clothing that can handle the toughest of jobs. Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, or any other industry, you can trust that Zadie Workwear will keep up with your demanding lifestyle.

Zadie Workwear designed and tested to conquer an unstoppable day

Zadie Workwear  is now available at Workwear Hub
Now that you're excited about Zadie Workwear let's talk about where you can get your hands on these fantastic products. Workwear Hub is your online one-stop shop for all things Zadie Workwear. With free shipping on orders over $99, same day dispatch and FREE instant returns on all Zadie Workwear products, shopping for your new work gear has never been easier.

Girls now is the time to elevate your workwear game with Zadie Workwear and experience the perfect blend of fit, style and durability. Say goodbye to outdated ill-fitting and uncomfortable work attire and embrace the future of women's workwear.

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