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Established in 2002 and recognised as one of Australia’s most iconic action sports and lifestyle brands. From there UNIT has been on a wild ride that has seen the brand touch all corners of the globe, leaving its mark on the actions sports arena. Unit is a brand with no limitations, rules or censorship, similar to the sports the brand is involved with. UNIT has history and heritage in creating quality apparel that tells a story. But we’re not just for weekends.

UNIT Workwear is a product of years of development and rigorous testing. Premium materials and ultra-tough construction meet a clean and simple aesthetic, suitable for any workplace. The Unit logo was inspired by the moment of ‘ignition’, the Unit logo captures the explosive chemical reaction between the spark plug and liquid gasoline or put it another way – The connection between your dream and your life. Functional designs meet tried and tested fit and the quality UNIT is renowned for. The ultimate work/life balance? We think so.

Experts of the industry have described Unit as the next big Aussie cult brand. But you’ve been warned: Unit isn’t just your average street wear brand. The provocative and dynamic style sets it apart from the rest and promises a unique brand experience unlike any other.