Redback Australia presents itself as a world leader in the field of lightweight work boots.

Redback is operated by the Cloros family who are 4th generation boot makers. Redback is committed to Australia and in the 1990's when many manufactures were scaling back in and producing off-shore, Redback took the reverse approach. Redback wanted to continue to produce in Australia using the finest materials sourced locally. The company stuck to this vision and continue to produce 100% Australian made boots from the Redback factory, situated on a busy street in the inner suburbs of Sydney.

Since 1989 Redback Australia have invested over $10 million in state of the art shoe making equipment so that the skilled craftsmen at Redback can make superior boots at maximum productivity and value.

Redback has supplied specialised footwear to emergency service staff and industry workers throughout Australia and the boots are now exported worldwide. The company continues to seek design improvements working with Defence Force personnel.

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