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The very first King Gee overall was produced from founder Mr ARH (Bob) Adcock's tiny rented home in Rawson Place, Sydney in 1926. Sales of Bob's durable work clothes grew throughout the Great Depression and during the 2nd World War King Gee manufactured uniforms for the defence services. In the 1960's King Gee introduced the breakthrough "Red Label Drill" fabric and was the very first to produce a permanent press range.

King Gee continued to push boundaries with fabric and manufacturing technologies and from humble beginnings, and a name derived from a colloquial expression for King George V meaning "the tops" or "the greatest", King Gee has evolved and grown to become one of Australia's most endearing and trusted brands.

The popular advertising commercial of the 70's 'Any Tougher They'd Rust' assisted King Gee's rise to icon status and later modified slogan 'Work Wear You Can Trust' had the same underlying message - you can rely on King Gee products to perform.

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