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In the 1930's David K. Laidlaw founded a small clothing company in his parents' house in Brunswick Victoria. He named the company "Yakka", a word derived from the Aboriginal word for work. It's a word that David took to heart and before long Hard Yakka was born. With the focus Þrmly on producing workwear that excelled and led the way in every area, the business went from strength to strength to become one of the largest clothing suppliers in the Southern Hemisphere.

In the 1970's Hard Yakka cemented its position as an Aussie icon with the launch of the famous "Railway" commercial featuring the Hard Yakka chant written by Mike Brady and in the 1980's the famous "Haulpac" commercial was to become as iconic as the company itself.

In 2007 Pacific Brands acquired Hard Yakka and even with its overwhelming successes, the company stayed true to the spirit of its founding father and continued to look for new, innovative and better ways to do things.

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