Caterpillar Workwear & Boots

Caterpillar is one of the most well-known companies in the world. Owing to their diverse portfolio, including machinery, clothing and apparel. One of their most popular products, among literally thousands of them, is their workwear and boots. If you are looking for top quality workwear and boots, then you are not going to get anything better than what you can get at Caterpillar.

Caterpillar History

Caterpillar was created a century ago with the merger of two great manufacturing companies under a single powerhouse, Caterpillar Tractor Co.  It was after years of endless patent races and fierce competition that Benjamin Holt signed a deal with C.L. Best to merge their companies into one. The inventive minds and innovation from both companies came together and lead to a complete transformation in the construction, mining, and farming industries. It was not long after that the company started another business, creating top quality workwear and boots that have no match with anything else in the world in terms of their premium quality. Patent after patent, Best and Holt weren’t shy of pushing boundaries to create great products. The result is an American Fortune 100 corporation that knows no limits and bounds. There is universal brand recognition of “CAT” which represents high quality products.

Caterpillar Products

Caterpillar licenses and markets a line of workwear, clothing and boots under the brand name CAT. This is considered one of the best well known workwear brands in the world, owing to their premium quality and style.

CAT Boots

CAT offers a wide range of clothing and boots that are ideal for different work situations. These are made for different industries, keeping in mind their specific needs and demands. In footwear, you will find everything from casual boots to steel toe, waterproof to composite toe and safety shoes. Not only do they offer maximum security and protection to your feet, but they also are very stylish and comfortable.

CAT Clothing

CAT also makes the best clothing for working in different industries and under different conditions. The clothing lines are divided into specific men and women categories, with a number of sub-categories under each. You will find everything from outerwear to pants, tops to hats, flame resistant clothing to various accessories and many other things with CAT.

CAT is one of the leading workwear brands because they never compromise on the quality of their products. Whether it is something as big as a tractor or something as small as a work shirt, you know that it is top quality when you see the CAT logo on it. This trust has been built by the brand over the years, a century to be specific, and their customers don’t even think of switching to the competitors because they are confident about the quality, comfort and durability of the products offered by CAT.

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