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Steel Cap vs Composite Work Boots - Which option is right for you?

You’re here because either you need a new pair of work boots, are new to buying work boots or just love to read our blogs. Whatever one you said yes to you won’t be disappointed. Below, we will help explain the difference between Steel Cap work boots and Composite Cap work boots and which ones may be better for you (but we will make it fun because lets be honest, you didn’t come here to read something boring).

Steel Cap Work Boots

A Steel Cap work boot is a type of work boot that has a reinforced toe area made of steel. It protects all your little piggies, or in other words, toes, from the hazards of the worksite. This could be a dropped tool, rogue nail, sharp edge or accidently kicking a hard object. Steel Cap work boots and shoes must fall within national safety specifications and often offer 200 joule protection.

If you're a tradie, construction worker or just someone who likes to get their hands dirty, you'll know that steel cap work boots are the go-to for keeping your tootsies safe on the job. 'Cause let's be real, you don't wanna be hobbling around like a wounded kangaroo 'cause you dropped a hammer on your foot! So, if you're looking to avoid that kind of mishap, a solid pair of steel caps is a must-have for all tradies. Your feet will thank ya for it!

tradie in hi vis putting on his work boots

Now, we don't wanna be the bearer of bad news, but steel cap work boots do have a bit of a downside. They can feel like they are as heavy as a slab of concrete (after a long day), which means your poor old feet might start to feel like they're carrying the weight of everyone else. And if you're on the job all day, that can be a real ball breaker. Plus, steel caps aren't the best at keeping your feet warm or cool. So, if you're working in extreme temperatures, you might wanna consider some composite cap work boots to give your feet a break.

Here are a few of the best-selling Steel Cap work boots –


Steel Blue Argyle Lace Up Boot with Zip and Bump Cap

Look no further for the ultimate in work boots! The Steel Blue Argyle Lace Up Boot with Zip and Bump Cap are equipped with anti-static properties to keep you safe, water-resistant construction to stand up to the elements, a steel cap for protection, and a polyurethane midsole bump cap to help extend the life of your boots. Plus, the lace up and side zips give you the perfect fit every time. These boots come with a 30-day comfort guarantee to give you that piece of mind when buying for the first time.steel blue argyle with zip and bump

Available in Wheat / Black


Redback Bobcat Elastic Sided Safety Boot

Strut onto the work site in the Redback Bobcat Elastic Sided Safety Boot! Australian made and all leather, this boot has the bells and whistles: a steel toe (to keep your little toes safe), full-length footbed and arch support, plus oil/acid and slip resistance. Plus, the elastic side makes it super easy to get in and out of.redback elastic sided boot claretAvailable in Claret / Fawn


Blundstone Rotoflex Womens 9961 Zip Side Safety Boot

Take the hard work out of the work day with the stylish and safe Blundstone RotoFlex 9961! Rock a sleek black look while you crush the pavement with GripTek® Extra Heavy Duty rubber that won't let you down no matter the terrain. For the ladies who work hard, play hard - this boot's got you covered!
blundstone rotoflex 9961 black

Available in Black / Wheat


Hard Yakka Womens 3056 Zip Side Safety Boot

Put your feet first in the Hard Yakka Womens 3056 Zip Side Safety Boots! With a wide profile steel toe, women's specific fit, padded heel area, durable rubber toe protector and energy rebound heel pods, your feet will be comfy and safe from any workplace hazard.hard yakka womens 3056 wheat

Available in Black / Wheat / Shiraz


Composite Cap Work Boots

If you're looking for some boots that won't weigh you down like a ton of bricks, then composite cap work boots might be your new bestie! They're lighter than steel cap work boots, which means you can wear 'em for yonks without feeling like you're dragging around a couple of concrete blocks. And here's the kicker - they're non-metallic, which makes 'em the go-to for all you security blokes and FIFO workers who are constantly in and out of airports. So, if you're sick of setting off metal detectors every time you walk through, give composites a go!

female tradie wearing puma conquest boots in stone

Composite cap work boots also meet the standard workplace safety requirements in Australia. Just like steel cap work boots, these bad boys will protect your precious feet from all those hard and sharp objects that could jump out at you on your job site.

Here are a few of the best-selling Composite Cap work boots –


Skechers Womens Composite Toe Work Boot

You'll look sharp and safe on the job with the Skechers Women's Composite Toe Work Boots! Crafted with a leather upper and mesh panelling, you get style and breathability. Plus, a padded collar and tongue, heat resistance sole up to 300°C, and a composite safety toe design ensure protection in all the right places. With 3 colours to choose from you are spoilt for choice.skechers womens composite toe work boot black/pink

Available in Black / Wheat / Black/Pink


Blundstone Womens RotoFlex 8863 High Zip Side Safety Boot

Tired of feeling weighed down by bulky, heavy safety boots? Try the Blundstone Womens RotoFlex 8863 High Zip Side Safety Boot - Stone. This lightweight boot features water-resistant nubuck leather, laces made from recycled PET and is specifically designed for women. Plus, the industrial grade zip fastener provides unbeatable durability while the recycled PET lining ensures moisture wicking performance and all-day comfort. What more could you want?blundstone rotoflex womens 8863 in stoneAvailable in Stone / Wheat


Puma Conquest Waterproof Boot

With the Puma Conquest Waterproof boots, you get the unbeatable combination of protection, comfort, and style with water repellent premium nubuck leather upper, 300°c heat resistant rubber outsole, breathable lining, fibreglass toecap, and PUMA Evercushion insoles. Keep your precious feet warm and dry in these waterproof boots.puma conquest waterproof boot in stoneAvailable in Black / Wheat / Stone (pssst…. Stone is exclusive to Workwearhub)


FXD WB-1 6.0 Safety Boot

Keep your feet safe and comfy in the FXD WB-1 6.0 Safety Boot! This safety boot features slip, oil, and heat resistant 62 durometer rubber outsole, extra thick Bump Cap for durability, and a ventilated and antimicrobial PU footbed. Plus, a lightweight composite safety toe and water resistant breathable TPU mesh panel will help keep you safe and dry. Level up your work boot game with these babies.fxd wb-1 composite boot in blackAvailable in Black / Wheat / Stone


Which Option is Right for You?

If you're trying to decide between steel cap and composite cap work boots, your decision will largely depend on your specific requirements and the demands of your workplace. There are several factors to take into account when making your choice, such as:

  • What protection do you need: Does your workplace require you to have Steel Cap Work Boots?
  • Comfort level needed: Do you need to wear your work boots for a long period of time? If so, Composite Cap work boots may be the better option.
  • Are you around metal detectors: Need to take your boots on and off at airports? Composite work boots would suit you better.
  • What conditions are you working in: If you don’t work in the extreme cold or heat, a Steel Cap work boot could suit your needs.

Alright, here we are at the end, here's the lowdown: steel cap and composite work boots each have their own pros and cons. It all comes down to what you need and what kinda gig you're on. But listen, no matter which way you swing, don't skimp on quality. You don't wanna be the person with dodgy boots, do ya? You gotta invest in a solid pair that'll keep ya protected and comfy on the job. 'Cause let's face it, the last thing you want to do is buy a pair of work boots that aren’t suitable for your workplace.

tradie working in concrete with gumboots on

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