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Refundid is here!

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Refundid now available at WorkwearHub! Every shopper should know, or at least heard of it. It is a new way to shop online, and is very customer focused. Refundid is a fintech solution to providing instant refunds on eCommerce purchases. Their aim is to revolutionise how customers shop online, safe and stress free. Refundid is a Sydney based, new start-up company with a mission to solve one of the most drastic challenges in e-commerce; refunds.


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Obviously with Refundid being one of the biggest start-up companies in Australia, WorkwearHub isn't the only company taking advantage of the simplicity of Refundid. Companies like Bondi-Active, Hipland, Culture Kings, Zija Boutique and so many more also partnered with Refundid. With it slowly getting more and more exposure, it's not hard to sell something that is so easy to use for any type of customer. 

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Returns being one of the most painful processes, it's almost a miracle that it is now an easy 3-step process. Once you have set up your account and been accepted, you then select the items you wish to return, then you will receive your refund into your account instantly, and finally you ship the items and provide Refundid with a valid tracking number in up to 3 days. Easy as that, Refundid has truly found something revolutionary to the e-commerce industry. 

Click here for more info on Refundid.

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