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19 of our most popular men's work boots in 2024

When it comes to workwear, work boots are the obvious staples that you just have to invest in.

 Safety at work? That’s a non-negotiable. But style and comfort as well as safety? Well, that’s completely up to you.

 And if you spend a hefty 12 hours a day on-site, nothing makes the day go faster than your feet feeling good.

 Looking to up your workbook game? Here are 19 of our top picks this year, as selected by our customers.


1. Puma Conquest Waterproof Safety Boot - Stone

 These have won the heart of many a tradesman for their swank stone leather look but the Puma Conquest Waterproof Safety Boots are also the perfect blend of unparalleled comfort. Exclusive to WorkwearHub, these boots use water-repellent premium nubuck leather. They’re also 300 degrees (celsius) heat-resistant and slip-resistant to give you an extra edge over hot and slippery surfaces such as in a foundry or metal shop.

Puma Conquest Work Boot


2. Steel Blue Argyle Lace Up Boot With Zip And Bump Cap - Wheat

 Steel Blue produces some of the best work boots and the Steel Blue Argyle Lace Up Boot is among the best of the best. It’s a popular choice for tilers and plumbers. It has anti-static properties that help in reducing the static shock when touching metal equipment.

 Another highlight is its steel cap, a protective reinforcement in the toe that protects the foot from falling objects or compression. It also protects the leather from stuff damage and thus, lengthens the life of the footwear. What’s more, like other great work boots, it is also water resistant, keeping you on your feet all day at work.Steel Blue Argyle Safety Boot


 3. Oliver AT 45632z Composite Toe Zip Side Boot - Wheat

 Oliver certainly did a great job combining function, style and a plethora of technologies in this footwear. It uses AT's All Terrain dual density ThermoPlastic Urethane (TPU) sole. TPU is becoming the standard for soles these days and it’s wise to not settle for anything less durable. It meets the requirements for electrical hazards (EH) resistance and its full lining is treated with eco-friendly Odoban™ Control Technology to absorb odours.

 Additionally, it applies NATUREform® wide profile hi-impact composite safety toe cap, great for a heavy line of work. Overall, it’s comfortable for all-day wear but tough enough for any job. What else can you possibly look for?Oliver safety boot


4. Steel Blue Southern Cross Zip Side Safety Boot - Sand

 Good looks are sometimes hard to come by when looking for durable boots, but not for this safety boot from Steel Blue. The supremacy of this footwear comes from its quick zip release feature with velcro tab to stop the zip rattle. In addition, it uses a low-cut scalloped collar for ease of movement and water-resistant NZ Nubuck leather to provide all-day comfort in wet and damp working conditions.

 From casual to smart casual looks, you can easily pull off this safety boot. It’s a total stunner!Steel Blue work boot


5. Oliver AT 55332Z Lace Up Zip Side Boot - Wheat

Another champ from the label Oliver is this AT 55332Z Lace Up Zip Side Boots. They are specially designed for men that have to be on their feet for extended periods, plus they have a NANOlite footbed that massages your feet as you walk, promoting greater blood flow and reducing your chance of foot fatigue.

 And that’s not all. Its design is also first-class, boasting a superior cut, split and crack-resistant sole, as well as a convenient quick-release zipper for easier donning and doffing.Oliver AT safety boot



6. FXD WB-1 6.0 Safety Boot - Stone

 These safety boots from the label FXD are effortlessly cool to rock around the toughest job sites. They have a slip, oil and heat resistant 62 durometer rubber outsole and a bump cap with an extra 1.5mm TPU for extra durability. They also have Coolmax™ engineered lining, a cooling technology that accelerates drying and whisks away moisture to help your feet stay cool, dry and comfortable.

 It doesn’t end there. The WB-1 6.0 also maneuvers molded upper eyelets for once-only lacing, a padded achilles support insert, and a YKK 10 gauge coil zip angled for easy entry and smooth movement. Still not convinced to get it?FXD work boot


7. Redback Bobcat Elastic Sided Safety Boot - Claret

 Redback Bobcat Elastic Sided Safety Boots are a popular choice for their TPU sole technology and a full-length footbed and arch support featuring 3 layers.

 These safety boots are also 130 degree (celsius) heat resistant, acid resistant and slip resistant. It also highlights a shock-absorbing midsole to add a layer of protection not just for your feet but your entire body. This superior protection is designed to meet global safety standards especially when you are working under the hammer.Redback work boot 

8. Steel Blue Parkes Zip Scuff Cap Safety Boot - Sand

 Looking for a heavy-duty boot that can take a beating? Look no further than these Parkes Zip Scuff  Cap Safety Boots. Arguably the top choice for warehouse staff, courier drivers and construction workers.

 The Parkes Zip is a Men’s 95mm hiker-style Ankle Boot with an industrial-grade zipper so you don’t have to worry about tying up laces every day on and off to work. Moreover, it is made of premium water-resistant leather and a 200-joule safety steel toe cap, made from hardened steel for optimum toe protection.Steel Blue work boot


9. Steel Blue Southern Cross Zip Side Safety Boot - Wheat

 These legendary work boots are not just designed to protect your feet but also to help you project a little personality while you’re on the job. For easy on and easy off at the end of the work day, these boots have industrial-grade zippers, a 200J steel toe cap for ultimate safety and anti-static properties for maximum protection against ignition hazards in the workplace.Steel Blue work boot


10. FXD WB-2 4.5 Safety Boot - Stone

Function, style and safety all in one on these mid rise stone boots from FXD workwear.
These boots are a tradie favourite with zip sides, NITROLITE™ midsole cushioning for all day comfort, they have a lightweight composite toe that will not weigh you down and are fitted with an extra thick bump cap for increased durability of the boot.


 11. New Balance Contour Zip Side Safety Boot - Black

These boots offer not only unparalleled protection but also unparalleled comfort. One standout feature is their 4E width, making them perfect for those tradies with wide feet who have often struggled to find a comfortable and secure fitting boot. With the ever-evolving demands of the workplace, these boots provide the ideal blend of safety and comfort, ensuring that tradies can focus on the task at hand without worrying about foot fatigue or discomfort. So, for the modern male tradie, these boots are a game-changer!New Balance Contour Safety Boot In Black


12. Blundstone Rotoflex 9020 Boa Safety Boot - Wheat

Every tradie knows that the right pair of work boots can make all the difference, and the Blundstone RotoFlex 9020 Boa Lace Safety Boot is a game-changer. What sets these boots apart? Well, forget about laces – these bad boys come equipped with the BOA system. Yeah, that's right, no more messing around with those pesky knots and frayed laces. The BOA system ensures a snug and secure fit with just a quick twist, making it a breeze to get ready for the job. Plus, they're as tough as they come, offering the durability and safety features that every tradie needs.Blundstone Boa Safety Boot Wheat


13. Magnum Precision Max SZ CT WPI - Stone

What's the deal with these boots? Well, for starters, they're waterproof. That's right – no more worrying about wet and soggy feet on rainy days or in muddy work conditions. These boots keep you dry, no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. Plus, they've got the composite toe for added protection, making sure you stay safe on site. So, if you're after a pair of boots that can handle the elements and keep you comfortable all day long, these are the ones to lace up. Your feet will thank you!Magnum Precision Max Stone


14. Skechers Composite Toe Work Boot - Black

These boots mean business, thanks to their composite toe cap that offers top-notch protection without weighing you down like steel. But what sets them apart? Well, they're all about keeping it sleek and black. No flashy colours, just a classic, rugged look that means business. Whether you're in construction, manufacturing, or any trade, these boots have got your back. So, if you want a blend of style and safety in your work gear, these boots are a must-have!


15. Blundstone 600 Elastic Side Work Boot - Brown

The Blundstone 600 Elastic Side Work Boot in brown is the ultimate non safety boot choice in 2024. These boots don't come with all the safety bells and whistles, but sometimes, that's exactly what you need. With their classic brown leather and elastic side panels, they exude timeless style without compromising on durability. Whether you're working on a project that doesn't require safety features or you simply want a reliable everyday boot, these Blundstones have got you covered. Slip them on effortlessly and enjoy all-day comfort without sacrificing that signature tradie swagger.Blundstone 600 Elastic Side Boot - Brown


16. Mongrel 461 Zipsider Safety Boot - Stone

These boots are all about rugged reliability and safety. With a bump cap for added protection, they're designed to withstand the daily grind of the worksite. The Zipsider feature makes them easy to slip on and off, saving you precious time when you're in a rush. So, if you're after a work boot that's not only built to last but also prioritizes your safety, these are the boots you'll want on your feet. Mongrel boots are made in Australia and certified for Australia and beyond.Mongrel 461 Zipsider Boot - Stone


17. Hard Yakka 3056 Lace Zip Safety Boot - Black

If you're a tradie who values safety, comfort, and adaptability, these boots check all the boxes. What makes these boots stand out? Well, first off, they feature a wide-profile steel toe cap, ensuring ample room for your toes while still providing maximum protection. But that's not all; these boots mean business with their 300-degree heat-resistant rubber outsole, so you can step confidently on hot surfaces.

Whether you're working in light industrial settings, warehousing, logistics, transport, construction, or any general trade, these boots have got you covered. They're versatile and built to handle the demands of various job environments.Hard Yakka 3056 in Black


18. UVEX 3 X-Flow Zip Side Safety Boot - Black/Tan

The UVEX 3-X Flow Zip Side Safety Boot in black and tan is making waves, and for good reason. These boots not only deliver top-notch safety but also offer unmatched comfort, backed by a 30-day comfort guarantee from UVEX.

What sets these boots apart? First off, the zip side ensures easy access, so you can get to work without delay. The water-resistant leather upper keeps your feet dry even in less-than-ideal conditions. Plus, they're airport-friendly, making your travels hassle-free. And for added durability, they feature a magnetic zip cover, ensuring these boots can withstand the toughest of conditions.Uvex 3 X Flow Safety Boot - Black/Tan


19. King Gee Bennu Rigger High Leg Safety Boot - Wheat

Why do you need the King Gee Bennu Rigger Boot? Let me tell you why.... One remarkable feature is the Kevlar® stitching in key stress zones. This isn't just your run-of-the-mill stitching; it's designed to provide additional protection against heat, sparks, and abrasion. But that's not all. These boots also come with a hinged lace pocket compartment, which is a game-changer. No more fumbling with loose lace ends; this compartment keeps them securely in place, so you can focus on your work without distractions. These boots are ideal for anyone in heavy industrial.King Gee Bennu Rigger High Leg Safety Boot - Wheat


While we all know work boots should be comfortable and functional in nature, we say they should also be versatile and stylish.

And while we can’t claim that better work boots equal better work, what we can promise is looking the part goes a long way to keeping your head in the game during long days on-site. 

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