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Our guide to getting you ready for back to work 2024

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Whether we want to accept it or not, 2024 is here and it’s time to head back to work, the perfect time to get yourself sorted with new gear. With all the new workwear and boots coming out lately, it can be confusing knowing what to pick. Whether you are after the best boots, workwear, accessories or safety, Workwearhub is a one stop shop for all your needs! Outlined below are some of our best selling boots and workwear pieces to help make the choice a little simpler. 

New Year, New Kicks!

With the new year upon us, I bet a lot of you are thinking it’s time to update those old smelly work boots. A good quality, durable, long lasting work boot is the key to keeping you safe (and looking good) whilst working on site. 

We recommend finding a boot that will go with every look so you only need one good pair - opt for quality over quantity. When picking a boot look for keywords like lightweight, slip proof, cushioning material, breathable fabrics, and boots with a warranty in case you don’t get the wear out of them that you thought you would. Our top picks for 2024 are below: 

FXD WB-1 6.0 Safety boot 

FXD WB-1 6.0 Safety boot - Black


 Get Workwear ready in 2024

What you wear to work can be one of the most important and essential things. Not only does it keep you safe but you also want to be comfortable throughout the day. 

When picking workwear we recommend choosing items with breathable fabrics, durable and stretchy to keep you feeling comfortable all day long. 

Brands like Bisley, Unit and FXD have great workwear pieces that are both affordable but will last the test of time. See below some of the pieces we recommend:

Bisley Womens Flex and Move Short Short

Womens Flex and Move Short Short - Stone

  Don’t forget about safety!

I don’t think we need to tell you how important it is to protect your head, skin, eyes, ears and hands is so important on a work site. The purpose of this type of protection is to reduce your exposure to potential hazards in the workplace. When purchasing safety gear you need to ensure that it meets the requirements for the site you are working on. Ensure you are picking items that are high quality and approved by your employer or safety officer. 

The level of safety required will be dependent on the type of work you are doing, however there are a few non-negotiable items that we recommend to keep safe. Let's explore these items below; 

Head protection - Hard hats are common on work sites and usually mandatory. We recommend the hard hat below -

Pro Choice Vented Hard Hat Full Brim

Pro Choice Vented Hard Hat Full Brim - White

Eye protection - It’s so important to keep your eyes safe and invest in a good pair of either safety goggles or glasses - 

UVEX Pheos CX2 Safety Glasses

UVEX Pheos CX2 Safety Glasses - Clear

Hand and skin protection - Because so much work is done with our hands it is vital to keep your hands clean and safe from workplace hazards. Occupational skin diseases such as contact dermatitis, skin cancers, and other skin injuries and infections are the second most common type of occupational disease.

Pro Choice Provek Disposable Coveralls

ProChoice Provek Disposable Coveralls - White

Ear protection - Millions of workers are exposed to harmful noises in the workplace each year, so it is essential to keep your ears protected at all times. Our recommendations for ear protection are below: 

Pro Choice Pro Band Headband Fixed Earplugs

Pro Choice Pro Band Headband Fixed Earplugs - Blue


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