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How to fit Work Boots?

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How to fit yourself in the correct pair of work boots or safety shoes?

Having the correct fit in your safety footwear and safety shoes that also cater to the environment you work in can be a game changer for your work day.

These are 4 key points to consider when choosing and fitting yourself for your next set of work boots or safety shoes. 

1. Know your occupation - where are you wearing your work boots?
Consider your occupation and work environment
Be sure to choose a boot that has is right for the environment you work
There is no reason you need to have a boot with a steel cap unless your workplace requires it as a safety requirement or unless it is your own personal preference. A composite toe boot is just as safe but a lot lighter to wear every day
If your working on uneven outdoor natural surfaces all day on the job you will need a boot with a durable sole and the correct amount grip to handle the terrain and keep you sturdy on your feet, but if you are spending your day working on concrete or a hard floor you would be better off with boot that absorbs the impact from the hard surface more, is light and moves with your feet.
2. Step count - how much do you move in a work day?
If your step count while wearing your work boots or safety shoes is a significant amount of your daily steps it is important to get shoes that will allow you to consistently be able to achieve what you need in comfort. If your step count is high you need to choose boots or shoes that are functional for that many steps and will not cause discomfort. A composite toe safety boot or shoe is a much lighter option for those doing a higher amount of daily steps and an orthopedic insert or correctly supporting shoe will also make your feet more comfortable with those doing a high step count at work.

3. Injuries - do you have them?
Incorrect boot size and/or features can enhance injuries you experience - having the right boots for your environment and the right boot size you should help any injuries - this is one way to know if you are wearing incorrect boots for your environment the right boots should help with pre existing injuries not enhance them.

4. Measure your feet - both of them
70% of the population have different sized feet so it’s important to measure both of them, the boot size you choose should be that of your biggest foot - for example if one of your feet is a 8 and the other an 8.5 - 8.5 is your correct size of work boots. At home you can measure your feet with a tape measure. Be sure to measure from your heal to toe at the longest part of your feet. You will then be able to compare these measurements to the size guides to find your correct size. In the WorkwearHub store our team will be able to assist you with your fitting.

measureyour feet to find the correct fitting work boot

Taking the time to assess these four things about your use and fit of your new work boots or safety shoes you require will allow you to make an informed boot choice and get your correct fit.
You can shop workboots and safety footwear from the biggest brands for whatever your requirements at WorkwearHub. We have specific safety boots for women and men in a wide range of sizes and fit to ensure you can find the perfect pair of work boots.

 This video with the product team from Hard Yakka and King Gee with help you with the process. 

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