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Can Workwear actually be trendy? Our guide to looking good on site

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Being safe and comfortable in your work gear is always the number one priority, but that doesn’t have to mean you can’t also rock up on site looking your best. Over the last few years we’ve seen the workwear game really develop and change to become more fashionable and stylish. With the additions of cuff pants, V neck shirts, and stylish jackets, it’s time to look AND feel good on site!

At Workwearhub we’re stoked to stock all the biggest and best brands in Workwear, that are always pushing the boundaries by creating stylish and dynamic clothing items that tick all of the boxes.

Here’s our top tips for how you can up your workwear game:

Find the “right” ladies fit

The days of wearing oversized, uncomfortable, unflattering men’s workwear is over ladies! Some of the big workwear brands, such as Bisley, FXD, and Hard Yakka, have really put their ears to the ground to listen to feedback from tradie ladies, and they’ve come back to provide you with more stylish options on the work site that fit. Not only have fits seen huge improvements recently, but these new styles are still functional and comfortable so you can still get the job done.

What are other tradie ladies saying? Click here to take a look! 

Functionality meets style

The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style! Most of the workwear items coming out as of late feature durable lightweight material, lots of pockets, and moisture absorbing technology. Some of the new ladies shorts from Bisley even feature Fresche bacterial treatment to prevent odour. If you want to make a small change to your work gear that will turn heads, we recommend the cuffed pants. Our favourite cuff pant pick would be either the FXD WP-4W or the Bisley Flex & Move Stretch Cargo Cuffed Pants. These pants are a favourite among the tradies because they fit well and look great! They also slide over your boots easily and prevent dirt from getting in. 

Take it a step further with new prints and colours

The classics are classics for a reason, but there’s still plenty of room in your workwear wardrobe to spice things up with a pop of colour. Some of our favourite head turners are the Steel Blue Jungle Boots, The Ritemate Pilbara Ladies Pink Long Sleeve Shirt and the Bisley Womens Airflow Ripstop long sleeve shirt in blue. Spice up your wardrobe and be the talk of every tradie on site with these colourful items! 

So, the verdict is out… workwear can be definitely trendy. Whatever your workwear need is, Workwearhub has you covered! Click to check out our extensive range of women’s gear. 

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