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Is F.X.D workwear fire resistant?

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Everyone knows the innovative and stylish designs of F.X.D, and its many features included in all their products. But are the F.X.D work pants fire resistant? To answer that, we need to know what exactly "fire-resistant" is, who needs it and if they are available within F.X.D work pants.

Who requires fire resistant clothing

Fire resistant clothing is important and needed by anyone who is exposed to a risk of ignition, molten metal, flash fire etc. The most common works spaces that carry that risk are refinery environments, anyone who deals with flame cutting and welding. It is also used within the petrochemical as well as the aluminium casing industry. If you work in the chemical, oil and mining industry as well as the electrical utility, most likely, you're required to wear fire resistant clothing. Of course if you are fire fighter, then fire resistant workwear is an absolute must. 

What is fire resistant clothing?

Fire-Resistant workwear is designed to resist ignition and keep the flames away from the immediate area of high heat impingement. Materials that are used are designed to self-extinguish almost immediately once the ignition resource is removed. It is important to understand that fire retardant clothing is not fire proof and will not protect from burn injury.

In summary ARC rated (Flame Resistant) clothing has passed the required tests to:

  •  Provide protection against clothing ignition and sustained flame spread
  •  Insulate the wearer from the thermal hazard thus reducing or eliminating any 2nd 
       or 3rd degree burn through the garments. 

This brings us to the next question, that is, what is ARC?

The term “arc rated” comes from NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, which provides safety-related guidance from workplace electric arc hazards associated with “installation, inspection, operation, maintenance, and demolition of electric conductors, electric equipment, signalling and communications conductors and equipment, and raceways” (source: NFPA 70E-15, 90.2(A)).

The ARC Flash is the heat and light produced from an explosive arc supplied with enough energy – electrical energy – that is to cause harm or damage, fire or injury which lasts under 1 second, but can reach up to 35,000F, which represents 19,400 degrees Celsius (bloody hot).

The ARC rating is linked with the hazard / risk category (HRC) à Basically the higher the HRC level the greater the protection

 HRC (Hazard / Risk Category) Required Minimum ARC rating of PPE
0 N/A
1 4
2 8
3 25
4 40


If you are exposed to potential fire hazard environment in your work, please familiarise yourself with the ARC Rating and HRC required for your fire-resistant products.  

Now to the burning question - What are the ARC ratings of F.X.D

As you know, or should know by now F.X.D has changed the workwear game with every new release, adding useful features within their products while keeping their innovative designs. Not only have they managed to do that with functionality, but also with style. It’s fair to say they always keep their signature stylish look. F.X.D, or, ‘Function by Design’, have always kept tradies happy with comfortable workwear like the iconic and ever proven work pants and shorts wp-4 and ws-3. While F.X.D. workwear and work boots are extremely versatile and fitting to the broadest spectrum of work, F.X.D. is yet to bring out a workwear line that carries a HRC rating above 1 and ARC rating above 4. In saying that though, us at WorkwearHub have you still covered with fire-retarding and protective workwear on our site as well as in store.

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