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Oliver Nanolite Footbed - Black

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Oliver Work Boots

Oliver Footwear is one of the oldest and the most famous work boots manufacturers in Australia. It is, in fact, the leading safety footwear manufacturer till date and is preferred by people who are looking for comfortable and stylish footwear in Australia.


Oliver Footwear was founded in 1887, and since then, it has been the top choice of Australians who are looking for premium quality work boots to keep themselves safe and comfortable while they complete their jobs. The founder of Oliver Footwear, James Oliver, was a bootmaker by trade. During the mid 1880s, he came to the goldfields of Ballarat, which was among the richest underground mining fields in the world. When his quest for elusive nuggets didn’t prove successful, he returned to the trade of boot-making, which he had learnt in the UK. He established his business venture as Oliver & Stevens, which started manufacturing durable and tough boots for farmers and miners in 1887.

Oliver Footwear has been following in the footsteps of its founder till date and the company has strengthened its commitment to manufacturing of premium quality footwear. The needs and demands of various high-demanding workplaces are addressed by the superior quality work boots that are manufactured by the company until today. The legacy is still followed today and that is what makes Oliver Footwear a leading work boots manufacturer in Australia with clients all over the world.

Today, Oliver Footwear is a part of Honeywell Industrial Safety that not only offers the most comprehensive line of personal protective solutions in the world, but it also includes many respected brands that make sure that the worker’s safety is not compromised at any cost.

Product Range

Oliver Footwear offers a wide range of work boots that offer safety, comfort and durability to the workers all over the world. The range of boots it offers include the following:

  • Gumboots
  • Lace up boots
  • Elastic sided boots
  • Specialist boots
  • Pull on boots
  • Zip sided boots
  • Women’s boots
  • Slip on shoes
  • Lace up shoes
  • Lace up joggers


In addition to these, the following ranges are also available:

  • King’s 10 Series
  • King’s 15 Series
  • WB 22 Series
  • WB 26 Series
  • WB 34 Series
  • PB 38 Series
  • ST 44 Series
  • AT 45 Series
  • PB 49 Series Women’s
  • AT 55 Series
  • AT 65 Series
  • HS 66 Series
  • Accessories


They are one of the best work boots you will find because they are manufactured according to strict and compliant safety standards. These work boots are not only comfortable to wear, but they also offer premium safety and protection that workers working in difficult conditions need. The work boots and other accessories are made keeping the highest standards of safety and durability in mind to ensure that the worker’s feet remain protected and safe all the time.

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