Blundstone Work & Safety Boots

An Australian footwear brand, Blundstone Footwear, is a leading footwear brand based in Hobart, Tasmania. Most of the manufacturing for Blundstone Footwear has been done overseas since 2007. The most popular product of Blundstone is its line of elastic-sided, laceless, ankle-length boots that are known as ‘Blunnies’ in Australia.

Blundstone is considered as one of the top footwear brands in Australia.


The Blundstone Footwear company originated from a set of companies that were created by several free settlers in Tasmania who emigrated here from England. The history of this footwear company goes as far back as 1855, when Eliza and John Blundstone arrived from Derbyshire to Hobart Town. John started working as a coach builder until 1870 and later started importing footwear from England. He started manufacturing boots in Liverpool Street, Hobart. His son joined in later and the company turned to J. Blundstone & Son in 1892. With the increase in the demand of their boots, they bought a purpose-built factory spread over two stories on Campbell Street. The import arm of the company was run by William, the other son of John.

The companies found themselves in financial trouble at the beginning of the 20th century. The import company went bankrupt in 1909, while J. Blundstone & Son was purchased by the Cane family in 1901. The company was run by the Canes until the Great Depression in Australia, which again caused financial troubles. The company was again sold to two brothers, Thomas and James Cuthbertson, in 1932. The Cuthbertson brothers ran the company and amalgamated the manufacturing operations of the companies. The tannery also closed down in 2009.

Today, the manufacturing of the products of Blundstone Footwear is done in India and Thailand. The footwear from Blundstone are of premium quality and loved by the masses for their durability and comfort. The company has expanded around the globe and currently sells its products to over 50 countries across five continents. The Tasmanian roots of the company are still intact and so are the family values.


Blundstone Footwear produces high quality workwear boots that last the distance. They are highly durable and unbelievably lightweight. They also offer additional safety features that are designed to provide protection against penetration and impacts. They also provide protection and are resistant to chemicals, cuts, electrical hazards, heat, rolling forces and other such activities and elements that may cause harm to the feet.

The boots are designed keeping in mind a sense of style and comfort. They are the most popular workwear boots in Australia and are famous for their durability and high resistance to dangers and risks to safety. Blundstone is a preferred and trusted brand across all industries due to their quality in protecting feet from injury and hazards.

Blundstone Footwear is one of the premium workwear boots manufacturing company which is the top choice of many people around the world. 

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